The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

March 31, 2013

School board vote is critical


DANVILLE — On April 9, voters who live within the District 118 school district — an area that includes most of Danville and Tilton — will go to the polls to select four board members who will serve the next four years.

These will be critical choices during a critical time for local schools.

Illinois schools continue to fight budget battles as the General Assembly continues to ignore its promises and watches as state officials return less money to school districts every year. Couples with lower property values, revenue for education is still falling.

Teachers and other personnel in District 118 have worked without a contract since last summer.

District 118 schools continue to be one of the community’s most valuable assets, but the decisions to be made during the next four years could change that evaluation dramatically.

That’s why it’s important for voters to do their homework, to understand the candidates’ positions on these issues and then to go out April 9 and cast a ballot.

The slate of nine candidates is a strong one. There are four incumbents running to retain their seats who face five newcomers. Aside from the knowledge gained by the incumbents, the challengers carry extensive experience in education or business.

The quality of these candidates reflects the importance of the upcoming election. These people what to ensure District 118 schools continue to attract the best teachers who will use innovative strategies to educate our children in the best possible way.,

Schools build the future of communities. Without strong schools, cities can fade.

Be sure to share your voice in regard to our children’s future. Know the candidates and vote April 9.