The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 12, 2013

Step up and learn to lead


DANVILLE — Each year, Vermilion Advantage — Vermilion County’s economic development organization — organizes a class entitled Leadership Tomorrow.

The class, as its title reflects, is designed to help build community leaders for the future.

Each year, the two dozen or so who enroll in the class spend the second Friday of the month from October until May learning about the various aspects of the community, the value of service to others and selecting and completing a project.

During those sessions, extra value comes from building networks among those involved.

That can come in especially handy during these days when transfers and job changes come much more frequently than in the past.

The community gains a number of people who now want to add their energy toward making the city and Vermilion County a better place in which to live.

Applications are due Aug. 2.

Applications are available at

/initiatives/leadership.html or contact Machelle Dykes, Leadership Tomorrow coordinator, at Vermilion Advantage, 442-6201, or e-mail: mdykes@vermilion

The members will be interviewed and chosen in August, and a one-and-a-half day retreat is planned for September so the class members can get to know each other better before the real work begins.

Consider applying for the next Leadership Tomorrow class or suggest the opportunity to someone you know.

Building better leaders today ensures a thriving community in the future.