The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 19, 2014

Explore the nearest library

The Commercial-News

---- — Now that the final school bell has rung for the year, it won’t be long before parents begin to think about ways to pry their children away from the television or even a computer screen.

Parents should just join their children and get up and out.

Even if it’s a walk around the block a couple of times a week, or a jog down the street and back, adults and children alike can benefit from regular physical exercise.

A walk to the nearest library — or a trip by car if it’s too far — will help keep children entertained without turning on the TV.

The area is rich with libraries that offer a variety of programs throughout the summer to help children retain what they learned during the school year and to develop new skills and enjoy new experiences.

Help your children check out a book or two — and don’t forget to get one for yourself. Read to your kids if they are too young to know how to do it themselves. Read with them if they are older.

Set the example that reading can be fun. Read. Read. Read.

No other skill is more vital to your children’s success in school and as an adult as the ability to read well and understand information.

Find the books that have been turned into movies.

Find the books you enjoyed as a child and share them with your own kids. Explore a topic you all want to know more about.

Libraries provide information in many ways, from the traditional books to digital downloads and access to the Internet.

Help set a course for your children to develop a lifetime of learning by taking them to the nearest library often.