The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

June 15, 2014

Remember what dads do

The Commercial-News

---- — Today, of course, is Father’s Day, a day to honor Dad with a new tie — even if he wears one only once in a great while — a new coffee mug with “World’s No. 1 Dad!” emblazoned on it or even just a great card — especially a handmade one — telling Dad he is a great guy.

The role of fathers can be difficult to sort at times these days.

How many television dads do you see who are complete, clueless buffoons or grouchy, irritated geezers?

Not exactly the kind of examples to set the tone for what good dads do.

Good dads don’t preach a lot. They don’t try to be a parent with witty sayings or flash-card sentiments. Good dads lead by example.

They show their children — whether they share a home with them or not — the way to become adults by living their lives in a good way.

They respect other people, especially their children’s mother. They show generosity — especially of their time — and compassion toward others. They are kind. They help when others are in need. And they stand ready to be there when their children need them, no matter the situation.

Fathers don’t have to be related by blood. They just need to show love and concern, and discipline when the situation calls for it. It’s not easy to say “No” to those pleading eyes, but often that “No” is the best answer to help a child grow in all ways.

It’s easy to be a buddy. It’s easy to cater to every whim. It’s easy to just disappear and pretend you have no responsibilities toward being a parent.

But that’s not being a father.

While good fathers deserve credit every day, they especially deserve recognition today. Great job, Dad. Keep up the good work.