The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

August 9, 2013

County holds line on hike


DANVILLE — Vermilion County Board members continue their work on next year’s tax rate, but so far it appears residents will see a sixth year with no increase in the county’s portion of the property tax bill.

A great deal of the credit must go to the county’s officeholders who manage to hold the line on their respective office expenses while continuing to provide services to residents.

That shows commitment on the part of each of them to wring the most they can from each taxpayer dollar.

The next budget will see some help from a couple of sources.

For one, the value of county land shows some increase. When land values go up, tax revenue increases in kind. That helps hold the rate total down.

The installation of a large wind farm in the northwest part of the county also will add to the county’s coffers.

Revenue from both of those factors will help local school districts as well.

The county also could see a boost in its budget from the sale of the former Vermilion Manor Nursing Home. The price was set at $3 million, plus the facility eventually move onto the private property tax list since it was sold to an operating company.

Obviously, the trend of no property tax rate increases on the county’s part cannot continue forever. The cost of doing business — especially government business — is sure to increase.

In the meantime, it’s good to see county officials doing their part to hold the line for as long as possible.