The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

January 8, 2014

Storm crews deserve thanks

The Commercial-News

---- — Sometimes we forget how valuable emergency personnel and road crews can be — until a storm hits like it did Sunday. Then we realize how much we depend on these men and women.

Police officers at the state, county and local levels put themselves in harm’s way to help stranded motorists, assist at accident scenes and provide care for those in need for various reasons. Vermilion County sheriff’s deputies even had to team up with county road crews to plow clear a path to drivers stuck in the snow.

The road crews work long hours trying to clear away what Mother Nature keeps dropping in our way. Steering those snowplows around streets and highways while avoiding stalled vehicles, mailboxes and other obstacles requires skills most of us don’t possess. But yet we’re quick to criticize if we think the plows are moving too slowly or if we think they could do a better job. Then after a heft winter blast like Sunday’s, we see how important their efforts are in getting us safely back into our regular routines safely.

Firefighters who brave these subzero temperatures, along with ambulance crews, emergency room personnel and those who man the warming centers all deserve our appreciation. They know what they job might include when they sign up, yet they still show up day after day.

We appreciate their efforts. They help us get going again as soon as possible.