The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

February 6, 2014

Chill out about winter already

The Commercial-News

---- — All of this snow — there’s more in the forecast, by the way — can build frustration in even the most ardent of winter lovers. And that’s exactly what people don’t need to deal with this weather safety.

On the roads, we still deal with those who seem oblivious to the conditions. They sail along, crowding slower vehicles and showing off their four-wheel drive capabilities. They rest of us are happy for your choice in vehicles, but we still have to share the road with you. Slow down. Take it easy. Show some courtesy.

February snowstorms don’t always last long, but that doesn’t stop hundreds — seemingly thousands — of people from crowding the stores to lay in supplies. Thanks to advances in weather forecasting, we know days ahead when a storm will hit. Why wait until the last minute and add to the congestion?

Those who constantly gripe about the snow and the cold, please pipe down. Did you not know what winter is like in the Midwest? Besides, we’re not stuck here. Lovely Spring is less that six weeks away.