The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

September 20, 2011

District 118 to enforce student dress codes

Danville High School

DANVILLE — The current student dress code is not new to Danville’s schools. The dress code is just simply being more strictly enforced this school year.

“The dress code really needs to be strictly enforced,” said Mark Denman, superintendent of Danville District 118 schools. “It really makes for a professional work-education based environment with few distractions.”

Two public hearings were conducted to gain feedback on possible student uniforms. There were many concerns voiced by parents on what the uniforms would consist of and the cost.

Parents eventually voted against the school uniforms, but, instead decided to enforce the present dress code more strictly.

As a result, students who violate the dress code are sent home to change or in administrator offices until they have appropriate attire.

“It’s very distracting when students wear low, revealing tops, sagging pants and short shorts,” explains Mark Neil, principal of Danville High School. “It sets a bad look on our schools.”

Dress code violations range from wearing tank tops that reveal too much skin to the sagging of pants that show undergarments. In addition, shorts/skirts that are not of fingertip-length also are in violation of school the dress code.

Additional information on the district’s dress code policy can be found on the district’s web site:

Editor's note: This story was written by a Danville High School student and published here in an agreement with the school.