The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 2, 2011

After-school jobs affect students

Danville High School

DANVILLE — A new school year and it is back to working hard and hitting the books, but book work is not the only type of work students are doing; after-school jobs have become the most known place for a student.

Between school, homework and a job, things can become stressful. For some students, this is exactly the case. Students like Areanna Ellison, who goes directly after school to work, says, “It feels nice to have a job, but it gets kind of stressful. By the time you get home, it is time to get dressed and go straight to work. There is really no time for me to do homework, or study.”

The thought of having a job and going to school along with after-school activities can be very stressful for a teenager.

Some teens still take on the challenge of balancing the busy schedule. A.J. Gandenberger thinks work just makes school harder than it is.

"It is hard to get homework done and not be worn out for school the next day" says A.J.

Once wrestling season is here, his after-school work is ending because doing both activities is too difficult.

"Work affects activities; your job won’t always bend for your activities. When you have a job the job is your priority. They need you to be there” says A.J.