The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

October 11, 2011

Community support important to team

Danville High School

DANVILLE — As the football season begins, the Danville Vikings’ reputation has taken full effect. It is important on both sides that the community shows its support.

The Vikings won their first four games, making them undefeated so far. This could be related to the senior class.

Jaquonte Sanford says, “This is the biggest senior class we’ve had. We have a better connection because we know each other; we grew up together.”

Most people may think that their support doesn’t matter, which is quite the opposite.

Mikah Anglin feels the team wouldn’t be as good if the town didn’t show its support.

Dominic Noel states, “The town plays a play big part for us. It’s always good knowing that your town has your back.”

Editor's note: This story is contributed by a student at Danville High School.