The Commercial-News, Danville, IL

November 30, 2011

Wall of Donors

Danville High School

ATTICA, Ind. — A “wall of donors” was recently built at Danville High School, located near the front circle-drive entrance to the high school.

Mr. Wagers, the secondary administrative manager at Danville High School, said, “The purpose of the wall is to recognize individuals that have generously donated to the Danville Public School Foundation.”

The foundation, established in 1989, is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity governed by community volunteers who operate independently of Danville District 118. The foundation seeks to build on the community’s investment in Danville Public Schools by raising private funds, via donations, to support new and creative educational programs within the district.

“The money isn’t really benefiting the community, rather it’s benefiting DHS and the other schools in the district,” commented Wagers.

Recently, bicycles were purchased for kids with disabilities, letting them still participate in gym activities.

The money donated also goes toward items to provide a better and easier education for kids.

“To me, donating means giving or being in a position to give money to those in need or to those who are less fortunate.”

The district schools can always use the extra help toward supplying resources for the many classrooms. Often times, those creative projects that occur within one’s classes are funded by the teachers themselves.

“The Danville Public School Foundation, annually, provides the opportunity for teachers to apply for a grant toward their classroom. We try to grant as many applicants as possible,” said Bob Richard, executive director of the Danville Public School Foundation.

Next time you walk by the new Donor Wall, make sure to take a moment to look at the names and organizations who donated money and be grateful; one of these donors could have donated materials to one of your classes.